How do you know its time for new management for your HOA?

How do you know it’s time for new management for your HOA? 

Often, it’s just a sense that your manager doesn’t care, sometimes you feel like you’re lost in the shuffle and your manager doesn’t think you’re important enough to pay attention to.  Sometimes it’s more specific.  Here are four big clues that you need to make a change in your management.  Remember your manager works for you, not the other way around.

1.  They don’t return your calls.

Duh.  It’s time to get a new manager who respects you and treats you professionally.

2. They are not prepared for your meeting.

Everyone makes mistakes every now and then, and your manager is a person like anyone.  But if they really aren’t prepared for your meeting, or if you feel like they’re looking at the information for the first time while you’re waiting on them, it’s a red flag.  We’ve been brought in by associations who seem stunned by our preparedness and attention to detail and we always wonder; who was managing here before, and why did they tolerate it for so long?  Professional management is a JOB.  Your manager should put in the work and being prepared for your meeting is part of doing the job right.

3. They are not familiar with your community.

We see this a lot.  Some companies just sign up HOAs and have too few managers.  If they don’t know you and your community and the specific issues, then you need to be working with someone who does.  It’s your home, don’t put up with someone who can’t be bothered to learn the details.

4. They are not well versed in the laws and regulations that govern HOAs.

This is a big one.  A good manager implements the wishes of the community as expressed by their board.  In order to do this a manager absolutely MUST be familiar with the laws.  We have saved countless headaches and hundreds of thousands of dollars for our communities simply because we know what can and can’t be done.  We can help the board to accomplish what they want without running afoul of the laws and regs.  Any good manager has to know the laws, consider it a minimum requirement.

It’s your money, it’s your home, it’s your choice.  There’s no need to work with people who aren’t taking care of you.